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Creating an impactful brand for my new business was so easy with Logo Design Studio. I was able to do things that I thought only professional designers could achieve.

Chris - Hot Java

Each of our wines needed its own separate brand with our logo. If we used a single download service it would have cost hundreds of dollars. A branding agency would have been even more! With Logo Design Studio, we were able to create all of the logos we need for a fraction of the cost.

Sasha - Squirrel Creek Winery

I'm a baker and not tech savvy. But I was able to easily make my logo. Logo Design Studio also provided the files my box printer needed to print my new logo.

Shirley "Nanna" - Nanna's Bakery

The logo we made with a cheap online logo designer looked great on our business cards. But as soon as we blew it up for a t-shirt, it was blocky and ugly. Logo Design Studio let us make a logo that was sharp and clear no matter the size.

Ricky - The Pool Guys

pool guys truck and tank top

The graphic designers I hired couldn't seem to understand what I wanted my logo to look like. So I decided to mock up one with Logo Design Studio. I found that what I made was exactly what I wanted and looked just as good as what the artists made.

Tina - Jules Fragrances

jules frangrance bottle and box

Easy to Use – Professional Results

You know your business, we know logos. Over the years, millions of logos have been created with Logo Design Studio and now it’s even better!

Introducing Logo Design Studio NOW – our new ONLINE logo designer.
You’ll find the tools, objects, inspirations, and guides you need to help you create a one-of-a-kind logo that is personal and professional. With countless tools and hundreds of options, there is no limit to what you can create!

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Professionally designed graphic objects found in Logo Design Studio NOW are all royalty-free.

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Powerful Color Controls give you the tools needed to match any color to ensure precise results.

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Full Vector Graphics mean that your logos will be crisp and sharp no matter what size you need them.

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Choose any of the logo inspirations designed by professionals to modify and make uniquely your own!

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Easy-to-use but powerful tools make it easy to craft your logo – from colors, fonts, drawing tools and more!

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Save your work and come back any time to make changes or to download in the format you need!

#1 In Logo Design for over 15 years

Since 2002 our Logo Design Studio software has flown off the shelves of major retailers around the world, we have been giving people the tools to make their own incredible, professional-looking logos. Others have tried to match the quality and level of expertise that we put in to Logo Design Studio, but there’s just no beating “The Original” Logo Design Studio.

The ONLY online logo maker with Up Front Pricing

Our online logo designer is always free to use and save your work. Depending on how you want to use your logo, we offer pricing for every need.

  • Single Logo – ideal for use on websites, Facebook©, Twitter©, etc.
  • Single Logo Plus – perfect for projects of any size without losing image quality or sharpness.
  • Unlimited Logos – create and download UNLIMITED logos of any size. Perfect for anyone collaborating on logos, designing multiple versions, seasonal variations, or creating product brands.
    You get all the features of our single use packages on an UNLIMITED basis PLUS exclusive early access to new graphics, tools, and fonts.
    Unlimited Logos available in 90 day or annual passes.

Design now, choose your option when you’re ready!

Single Logo

Perfect for use on the Web.
Websites and Social Media profiles, product icons, and character avatars.


Perfect for Web use

Instant Download

400px PNG file

Transparent Background

Save Logos for 30 days

Single Logo plus

Perfect for Print and Web use.
Posters, signs, banners, vehicles, billboards, business cards, etc.


Perfect for Print & Web use

Instant Download

Vector Files (SVG & PDF)

1200px PNG file

Transparent Background

Save Logos for 30 days

Unlimited Logosstar

Create & download UNLIMITED logos.
Make, edit, and share as many logos as you want for 90 days.


Perfect for Print & Web use

Instant Download

Vector Files (SVG & PDF)

1200px PNG file

Transparent Background

Save Logos for 1 year

unlimited logos

unlimited downloads